Hi, I'm Lukas!

Nice to meet you. I create, optimise and market content on a variety of platforms. In my free time I learn new things, mostly languages. Please read on and have an awesome day.

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Current Projects


Started October 2016 is a content portal about mortgage loans in Poland. Its aim is to achieve the following goals:

  • provide visitors with quality information about mortgage loans
  • allow me to gain indepth knowledge of the Polish mortgage loan market
  • serve as tool to further polish my SEO skills
  • be a meaningful asset in the project portfolio

YouTube / iamvroom

Started August 2016

Although the channel has existed for several years I have only now begun to use it as a platform to publish gameplay videos. The aims of the channel are as follows:

  • deliver content for viewers intersted in gameplay videos
  • turn my love for playing games into an online asset
  • polish video recording and editing skills in a meaningful way
  • apply knowledge of managing youtube channels and promoting video content

Current training

learning danish

Started October 2016

In order to expand my knowledge of languages I started learning Danish using duolingo. The language itself is very interesting in structure and uses several solutions not commonly found most languages. Currently I am 93% done with level 6, which represents about 22% fluency in the language.

learning touch typing

Started October 2016

Since using a keyborad is currently the fastest and most universal way of transferring information from the brain to a chosen medium I started to practice touch typing. The end goal is to achieve 70-100 WPM with a very high accuracy. The tool of choice for this project is used several times per week.

Skills & Knowledge


Versed in SEO for Google, Bing as well as Youtube

Social media management

Proficient in managing twitter, facebook, google+ channels

Content streaming

In-depth knowledge on streaming content on and similar platforms

Video editing

Capable editing skills in non-linear video editing

Scripting / Programming

Good knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, Javascript

Computer Literacy

High level of computer literacy: Windows, Android, Linux

Office applications

Familiar with Microsoft Office or similar: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, OneDrive etc.


mother tongue
acquired mother tongue
exceptional proficiency - Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) passed
basic communication skills
Danish - currently learning / started October 2016