Hi, I'm Lukas!

Nice to meet you. I am a Front-End Web Developer with a focus on speedy web-pages and optimized content. You can read more about me below.

Skills & Knowledge



  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Web Performance Optimization (WPO)
  • Git Versioning



HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, RWD, WPO

creation of sobek.pl

My portfolio website created to showcase projects and skills needed to create them. The sobek.pl website theme is hand-coded from scratch using bootstrap and follows the guidelines of responsive web design. It completely validates under W3C rules and is optimized to load in under a second. I addition, this text gives you an approximate idea of my level of proficiency in the English language.

Cameron Pittman portfolio optimization

Web Performance Optimization, Git

Optimization of the Cameron Pittman portfolio

In this project the aim was to optimize a portfolio website so that it renders more quickly than the initial 14.34s. The process was tracked via git and pushed to a separate repository, so you can see the steps taken on my github following this link. Several optimization steps later the page loaded in 0.2s without noticable changes to the visual layout and feel of the page.

Training completed

Object-Oriented JavaScript

dec 2016 | Hack Reactor

Writing Reusable and Maintainable Code to minimize repetition and excessive memory load of JavaScript code.

Website Performance Optimization

dec 2016 | Google

Optimizing webpages so they load the most efficient way possible with a low footprint on resource usage and snappy loading times.

How to Use Git and GitHub

Dec 2016 | Google

The use of Git tool for advanced versioning and collaboration. .


mother tongue
acquired mother tongue
exceptional proficiency - Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) passed
basic communication skills
Danish - currently learning / started October 2016 @ duolingo


Computers, Learning, Gaming, Video Editing, SEO, Reading