Hi, I'm Lukas!

Nice to meet you. I'm currently focused mainly on learning and polishing skills needed as a developer. I also run a few projects on selected platforms the links to which you can find below. Please read on and have an awesome day.

Current training


Started November 2016

One of the primary tools to get my developer skills to an adequate level is the self-study project at FreeCodeCamp. As a matter of fact, this very page template exists because making a portfolio page is one of the points in teh curriculum. My profile can be found here.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

Started November 2016

Getting my webDev skills up to date is one of the primary tasks for the next few months. In order to do that I enrolled in the HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers provided by by Johns Hopkins University at coursera.com.

learning touch typing

Started October 2016

Since using a keyborad is currently the fastest and most universal way of transferring information from the brain to a chosen medium I started to practice touch typing. The end goal is to achieve 70-100 WPM with a very high accuracy. The tool of choice for this project is touchtyping.guru used several times per week.

Current Projects


Started October 2016

Hiporadnik.pl is a content portal about mortgage loans in Poland. Its aim is to achieve the following goals:

  • provide visitors with quality information about mortgage loans
  • allow me to gain indepth knowledge of the Polish mortgage loan market
  • serve as tool to further polish my SEO skills
  • be a meaningful asset in the project portfolio

YouTube / VroomReacts

Started August 2016


Although the channel has existed for some months I have only now begun to use it as a platform to publish reaction videos. The aims of the channel are as follows:

  • deliver content for viewers interested in reaction videos
  • polish video recording and editing skills in a meaningful way
  • apply knowledge of managing youtube channels and promoting video content

Skills & Knowledge


Versed in SEO for Google, Bing as well as Youtube

Social media management

Proficient in managing twitter, facebook, google+ channels

Content streaming

In-depth knowledge on streaming content on twitch.tv and similar platforms

Video editing

Capable editing skills in non-linear video editing

Scripting / Programming

Good knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS

Computer Literacy

High level of computer literacy: Windows, Android, Linux

Office applications

Familiar with Microsoft Office or similar: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, OneDrive etc.


mother tongue
acquired mother tongue
exceptional proficiency - Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) passed
basic communication skills
Danish - currently learning / started October 2016 @ duolingo